Build Employee Careers

By | June 2, 2015

When your reputation within the company is being great to work for, you will have people waiting to join your team. Internal job postings are hotly contested and top talent
employees are eager to be under your direction. It’s not the pay of the position, or the perceived easy work that have people desiring to be here. It’s the culture a good boss creates.

A good boss encourages others to be leaders and build successful careers. Good bosses don’t hold top talent in place for fear of the gap they will have to fill if this person leaves. In fact, a good boss will help employees build a career even if it means that promotion happens outside of the company. By encouraging employees to grow their careers, the good boss creates a legacy of talent development. As each person moves up to the next level in their career path, those with top talent desiring to follow the same path will fill in right behind them, successfully filling that gap with more talent.

Think about how a top college basketball coach develops freshmen for the NBA after one season in college. Sure he hates to lose such great talent after one year, but once word gets out this is the best path to the NBA for the best talent, the coach’s legacy does his recruiting for him. The same approach works for the good boss.

How are you building the careers of your employees who desire to get ahead?

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