Give Yourself a Kick in the Pants!

By | May 21, 2013

The reasons are many. Tired from fighting with a tough economy for years. Employees not showing respect for the job as you wish they would. Home finances constantly on your mind.  Whatever the reason, I hear executives losing steam and drive for their positions in the business. Complacency is invading our executive offices, and with complacency comes stagnation. It’s impossible to run an agile organization with stagnation in the front office.

It’s time to re-energize yourself with a swift kick in the pants to get refocused. Here are some ways to accomplish that.

Closing a deal
For those with a sales mentality, new deals, new clients, or as one salesman told me, “fresh meat,” can get the competitive juices flowing as well as rebuild self-confidence. There are other deals to be closed that don’t involve sales that can have the same benefit. You can close a deal by teaching an employee a new shortcut, task, or idea they really grasp and appreciate.  You can close a deal by finally reaching an employee with inspiration, and you can tell they finally “get it.”

Setting a daily reach for yourself
So often we seem to repeat the same day over and over. Solve minor crises, chase people on the phone, read reports, and have meetings. It can feel like a gerbil on a wheel – running like heck but the view never changes and you never feel as if you are getting anywhere. Change it up. Daily make the effort to attempt something with stretch. Face off with an issue you need to solve. Coach an employee you avoid and wish would just disappear. Go one more rep in your exercise routine. A small stretch daily can have amazing impact after a year of doing so.

Find an accountability partner
Sure it works for recovery programs, weight-loss programs, and exercise programs. It also can have a positive impact in the workplace. I hear CEO clients tell me they have no peers in the organization, so it’s difficult to be accountable to someone. Look outside the organization and into your network. You can find an accountability partner who is a fellow CEO. In some cases leaders want this accountability to be private; therefore, I am an executive coach and one of the most important services I provide is accountability and confidentiality. In any case, the reason accountability works is because, unless you have Olympian focus, we all need assistance performing at our peak levels.

Solve a problem
I see executives get jazzed over solving big problems. Whether finding a product that will beat the competition, eliminating a serious defective process, or streamlining a customer transaction, solving big problems can really energize a leader. Instead of avoiding the big problems, take them head on and go on the attack. It’s invigorating work, and experiencing the success of winning can be the best energizer of all. Instead of complaining about issues, why not take them on as a challenge? You will be better energized, and your organization will be better off.

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