Who is the King of Beers Today?

By | May 7, 2012


Budweiser might retain the slogan of “King of Beers” but the Bud brand is slipping in the every changing marketplace. In the age when people are looking for something fresh and new (not referring to the ad campaign of born-on-date) Bud is on the decline.

So who is gaining the most market share year to year in the United States? Would it be an upstart brand that is a flash in the pan success? No, how about the oldest brewing company in the U.S.: Yuengling Traditional Lager, made in the U.S. since 1829.

Yuengling (YING-ling) has increased sales revenue by more than 36% over last year. It is one of the cheaper priced beers in the marketplace; however, the brand loyalty comes from word of mouth about the taste of the beer.

Word of mouth marketing indicates Yuengling has found the right combination of taste and price to be considered the best buy in the American beer market.

Annually they are shipping close to 9.5 million cases a year for a sales volume of over $206 million. In fact, Yuengling is the largest American-owned brewer. (Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors are both foreign-owned.

Congratulations to Yuengling for finding the Agile Advantage. How are they doing this? By growing steadily with smart brewery purchases, working with employees instead of against employees (to the point employees were convinced they no longer needed union representation to be heard by executives,) and by expanding their brand in a calculated effort to be recognized for what they do best — make a good tasting quality product.

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