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Customer Loyalty Programs that Work

Customers today are the savviest we’ve ever dealt with. They comparison shop, not just for cheaper prices, but for quickest rewards, best service, and greatest value as well. So it makes perfect sense they would shop for customer loyalty programs that really work. In fact, a big debate is happening among retailers whether loyalty programs work or just provide […]

Why is Simple So Compicated? A BizWizTV 3 minute video

Consumers, whether individuals or businesses, are overwhelmed with a barrage of information and choices. As a result, they often shut down and avoid the buying process altogether. Use these questions to apply the information Russell provides to fit your organization: 1. Do we need to pare down our product and service offerings to a more […]

The VIP Customer (Vast Influential Power)

Russell J White teaches how to maximize the new power customers have with social media technology. Here are 3 tips on how to ensure your customers are using their Vast Influential Power to help grow your business. For FREE discussion questions to go with this video, email me at and they are yours to […]

3 Ways to Create the “Insider” Customer

Customer service needs to elevate the customer to actually being part of your organization. The insider customer wants to be in on the lingo, see the behind the scenes and actually feel part of the team. Once the best customers feel they are on the inside, they will become a word of mouth sales force […]