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Give Yourself a Kick in the Pants!

The reasons are many. Tired from fighting with a tough economy for years. Employees not showing respect for the job as you wish they would. Home finances constantly on your mind.  Whatever the reason, I hear executives losing steam and drive for their positions in the business. Complacency is invading our executive offices, and with […]

How to Make Your Employees Hate You

    Do managers ever do this intentionally? I’ve never met a manager who intentionally tried to get employees to hate him, but it sure happens daily in the workplace. What causes employees to lose respect for their leaders? Causes employees to no longer trust the boss? Here are three significant mistakes managers make that […]

Customer Loyalty Programs that Work

Customers today are the savviest we’ve ever dealt with. They comparison shop, not just for cheaper prices, but for quickest rewards, best service, and greatest value as well. So it makes perfect sense they would shop for customer loyalty programs that really work. In fact, a big debate is happening among retailers whether loyalty programs work or just provide […]

Are You Ready for Your Agile Advantage?

The world is becoming smaller and more interconnected, intelligent, and technology-driven, bringing challenges and opportunities alive to businesses and those who work in them. Customer demand for personalized services, mobile access, and open and ongoing communication will only grow. The speed with which the pace of business is accelerating requires rapid change and increased agility. […]

The OODA Loop of Agile Decision Making

  An important skill for an Agile Businesses is the ability to be decisive in indecisive times. Previously, managers made all important decisions because they were considered the most-informed, most capable of understanding all of the facts, and best trained for making decisions. This condition created laborious approval processes and delayed decisions. By the time […]

The Destructive Power of Disinformation and Misinformation

  Coke and Pepsi Forced to Change Recipes In the new economy changes are happening rapidly even to old school secret formulas of global organizations.  The caramel coloring in the popular colas currently carries enough carcinogens that would mandate by California law the drinks carry a cancer warning label. The providers for almost 90 percent […]