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3 Ways to Cripple the Competition

3 Ways to Cripple the Competition is about taking off the gloves in this economy and blowing away the competition in sales, service, and work culture. Create your distinctive competence and beat down the competition with the power of your skills. Checkout this short video on 3 ways to cripple the competition. If you’d like […]

3 Ways to Create the “Insider” Customer

Customer service needs to elevate the customer to actually being part of your organization. The insider customer wants to be in on the lingo, see the behind the scenes and actually feel part of the team. Once the best customers feel they are on the inside, they will become a word of mouth sales force […]

5 Questions a Buyer Must Answer Before They will Buy

Buyer believability in this time of rampant distrust is critical to your business growth strategies. Leaders of small businesses especially have to be tuned in the buyers concerns. There are so many options facing buyers, they are eager to find those who they believe they can trust. Add that to the overwhelming amount of information […]