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Who Needs a Business Plan? Everyone!

A business plan is not just for start-up businesses or those looking for a line of credit. The good boss knows every well-established business is constantly taking risks in this modern economy. Specifically, businesses on a daily basis are risking market share, finances, and their reputation in the community and industry. Social media has made […]

Can a Leader Really Motivate?

Motivation is a concept that has been recently come into question. Can a leader really motivate another person or is motivation an inside job? The good boss knows it’s actually a combination of the two. If a person has no internal drive, no matter what type of environment, this person is not going to fully engage. By the […]

Success has Many Owners, but Defeat is an Orphan

Success has many owners, but defeat is frequently an orphan. Thomas Edison took credit for hundreds of patents, and his research staff rarely were credited with their contributions. The good boss knows that success stories are rarely a one-person job. Stepping up to take the credit for a department’s accomplishment is not the best choice for a leader […]