What Do You Mean You Won’t Split the Check?

By | March 30, 2010

How many restaurants are struggling for business these days? How many Mom and Pop establishments are struggling these days? Think how many Mom and Pop restaurants are struggling these days in the face of competition and a tight economy, not to mention, franchise marketing and chain locations on every corner? So imagine my surprise when I found myself facing the refusal of splitting a check in a small establishment in Waxhaw, NC.

How about a reality check for small business owners:

Your credit card processing fees are not the customer’s concern

That was the reason given for not splitting a lunch check of three people that was over $40 total. If you can’t handle the cost of doing business get out of the kitchen!

Friendly service actually brings people back for more business

There was no indication while we were ordering our meals and drinks that splitting the check was going to be a problem. This was not brought up until we were going to settle the bill as we were leaving. Surprise! Might as well say, “Oops, the menu prices are actually one dollar less than the actual price.” Needless to say I will not be going back, nor were others at other tables also upset with this policy.

When you close your doors it wasn’t the economy

When this little establishment no longer has enough customers to cover the overhead, they are most likely going to blame the economy. I can only envision the weeks leading up the eventual demise – “No sir we can’t heat your food, that just costs us too much money.”

Most businesses close as a result of a disaster, a shift in the method of doing business (want to be a phone book salesman?) or leadership who are not in tune with their community and customers.  Frequently customers are lost because of basic oversights by leadership. Having a policy refusing to split a lunch check is not just an oversight; it’s downright stupid in the face of growing competition and shrinking discretionary dollars.

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