Kick Ass Friday

By | February 12, 2010

I’m Ripley. Russell is giving me this opportunity to get your attention and I hope you listen better than those acid-blood creatures I despise.

All I know how to do is kick ass and chew gum, and I’m all out of gum. Whether it’s aliens or corporate dweebs I have low tolerance for bad behavior. So should you. Business executives and leaders in this country have gone soft and when times got real tough over the last two years these wimps went around screaming, “Game over man, game over!”  Get a grip you bunch of Hicks.

It’s time for leaders to be real leaders again and it’s time to stop coasting into the weekend and start kicking some ass at the end of the week.   So listen up and take some action because here are my 10 tips for making today a Kick Ass Friday.


1. Embrace the day and stop whining, “I’m glad tomorrow is the weekend — finally it’s here.”

2. Take one project you’re working on and make a focused effort to take a giant step to move that project forward.

3. Eliminate all meetings from any Friday so everyone know you expect them to drive business on the last day of the work week. No sitting in comfy chairs wasting a potentially productive morning.

4. Plan to come in Monday renewed, reinvigorated, and thrilled to tackle a new week. You come ready to play or don’t come at all.

5. Call a customer or client today to thank them for their business this year. They will be shocked and you’ll be remembered.

6. Make lunch count. Who do you need to take to lunch today? Client? Boss? Employee who never gets to go out for lunch?

7. Create a list of 5 things you must get done by next Friday. Go for the hard stuff.

8. Be intolerant. Make today a no whining, no bitching, no complaint day. Ask everyone to focus on the positive.

9. Refuse to listen to the news or read a paper. Take a day off from the “News Terrorists.”

10. Give your best effort until the very last minute of your work day……no coasting. THEN you can celebrate a great work week.

Get it done because you know you should. This is Ripley signing off.

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