Innovation Stops Here

By | April 14, 2010

People love to enjoy new technology they can buy, but they are loathing going through the efforts to create it in the work place. What are these barriers and how do we need to overcome them?

We don’t do that here

How many great ideas have died because people didn’t believe the idea could fit who they were? To compete in today’s business climate, innovation barriers need to fall. Whether the discussion is about service delivery, product innovation or experimenting with a completely new direction, openness, eagerness and curiosity are the skills required to bring great new ideas to fruition.

Ford is working on voice recognition technology, individual modifications of the instrument panel, and driver preferences that can be transferred between cars using a USB thumb drive. They didn’t used to do that, but they do know. They are asking themselves: How can we make our cars a killer app?

What if you could pay for car insurance by the mile?

What if your doctor could check your vitals remotely?

What if you were able to buy power only when it was the cheapest?

All of these innovations will be here very soon because people in those creative organizations know “We can do that here” is the answer to all innovation questions.

We can’t afford it

If people waited until they could afford it, most couples wouldn’t have babies, most contractors would never build a building and most entrepreneurs would never start their businesses. A lack of funding is a weak answer to an important question – How bad do you want it?

If you want it bad enough…

Create a compelling proposal that is strong enough to convince someone to offer capital.

Create a joint venture where a number of people come together to pool resources to drive this idea to the top.

Sometimes the negative responses you hear on your proposal is something worth listening to. How can you recraft the innovative idea to improve it, redirect it or retool it to be a better idea? Negative feedback isn’t always something to overcome. Sometimes it’s a guide to creating the best idea. How badly do you want it?

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