My “I Did” beats your “I Will”

By | March 29, 2010

Every January a slew of new ideas, planned changes, and resolutions are posted, tweeted or bandied about as commitments are made that this is the year of doing things differently.

Right about this time of year people fall into one of two categories: Those who have stuck to the resolutions they set three months ago or those who made a passing effort only to be found back where they started.

For those who have stuck with the new ways of living, leading and loving life, I take my hat off to you and applaud your ability to break through bad habits, old thinking and the inertia of life.

For those of you who seem to have landed back on the launching pad I offer three suggestions:

  1. There is nothing magical about January. Do it now.

Beginning new habits, methods or approaches on how to live your life can begin at any time. Sure you may feel frustrated or embarrassed by not living up to your first of the year intentions but that is no reason not to start fresh today. Regardless when you start to take action, your “I Did” will always trump someone’s “I Will.”

2. Self-improvement is an inside job.

There are gazillions of books that will claim to help you make a better body, more money, and find the perfect mate. No matter how well it is written or presented, few people ever take the advice and do something with it. Otherwise, we’d have no poverty, crime or need for most medications and last time I checked the pharmaceutical business was booming.

Leading a company to success, or creating a growing career or becoming the best Mom you can be takes that internal drive, dedication and determination to make a difference. Do something about it.

3. Experience life, don’t be a spectator.

It’s not news that who you surround yourself with can help determine your path. Do you hang with a bunch of guys who live to watch sports teams while sitting on the couch, drink beer and complaining or are you spending time with people who push themselves to be better and grow and strive for personal excellence?

One group is about doing things and the other group is about watching others do things. Making a difference in your life and the lives of those you lead is about making things happen and taking charge of your own life. Do things don’t watch others do things.

Not everyone makes the right choices every time but those who get things done are always ahead of those who will eventually get things done. Take action, take control and start saying “I did” instead of “I will.”

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