The Destructive Power of Disinformation and Misinformation

By | March 9, 2012


Coke and Pepsi Forced to Change Recipes

In the new economy changes are happening rapidly even to old school secret formulas of global organizations.  The caramel coloring in the popular colas currently carries enough carcinogens that would mandate by California law the drinks carry a cancer warning label. The providers for almost 90 percent of the soda market have announced they are making adjustments to their cola recipes in order to comply. Have we been exposed to cancer causing agents for all these years at the ignorance of these cola giants?

The American Beverage Association released a statement saying that consumers have no reasons for any health care concerns.

A representative of Coca-Cola said, “While we believe there is no public health risk that justifies these changes, we will comply so as not to be subjected to this unfounded warning.”

To a skeptical society these words will ring as disingenuous or hiding important consumer health information. Who is speaking with disinformation, misinformation or the truth? It can be difficult to determine unless you drill into the facts.

According to the Food and Drug Administration a consumer would have to drink more than 1,000 cans of soda a day to reach doses that can cause cancer in rodents. A study has yet to be done to show whether there is even any impact on humans.

Is it any wonder why we as a society continue to question the information we receive? Clarity of facts is becoming a lost substance in the information age. Be sure as a consumer you read beyond the headlines.

As a business owner be sure you get in front of any stories about your organization filled with misinformation or disinformation before the story becomes perceived as the truth whether based on fact or not. Because the speed with which social media spreads stories, all organizations must be ready at a moment’s notice to defend their facts.

In the new economy disinformation and misinformation are becoming strategies to gain ground on a competitor.



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