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By | August 9, 2010

I’ve watched the movie Inception twice and look forward to renting it so I can stop it and make notes to support my theory of what is exactly going on. My friends are watching it multiple times to support their theories as well. This is probably the most discussed movie I can remember since Memento, another Christopher Nolan creation.

The basic premise of the movie is placing an idea into a person’s mind (and have them think it’s their own) in order to get the recipient of the idea to act a certain way.

Good marketing makes this happen. Good customer service can also make this happen. And creating a product as alive as Inception, where people talk about it for weeks, is the ultimate business creation. Let’s break this down.

Good marketing

When a person gets thirsty for a beer, what makes them choose which one they drink? Billions of ad dollars are hoping the decision is predicated on a piece of marketing that is lodged in the person’s brain. The idea is implanted that a particular brand of beer is “your choice” to buy the next time you go to the store. Beer sales are reliant on brand loyalty and a relationship with the customer. Taste tests have shown American beer all pretty much tastes the same, and people can’t identify their favorite beer consistently. This is why the placement of an idea about the brand is so important to repeat sales. You want your brand to be the first the consumer thinks of.

A buyer will purchase a product from the first brand or company that comes to mind 96% of the time. Did they make that choice on their own, or was it a quick access to an idea placed in their minds?

Good marketing, whether it’s from an ad budget of millions of dollars or a post card that stays on the desk of your desired customer, is all about placing a thought in the mind of the buyer that it is their decision (their own idea) to buy your product.

Look at your own marketing approach. How focused is your marketing with the intent of embedding an idea into the minds of your customers? Are your ads cursory, or are they the kind that sticks in the customers minds? Memorable tag lines, messages, and visuals can find a home in those minds you desire to reach.

Ask yourself these questions while reviewing your marketing approach:

How can I send a more consistent message in all of my marketing?

Do my marketing messages live on in the minds of those I am targeting?

What is the idea I want to implant into my customers’ minds about my products and services?

How can I best accomplish that inception?

The rest of the week I will write on how to create Inception Customer Service and Inception Buzz for your business. Remember you want to create ideas that can keep your customers’ minds spinning … like a top.

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