The Social Media Pool Rules

By | May 19, 2010

The Social Media Pool Rules

Before you dive into the social media pool you need to know the pool rules.

By Russell J. White

1. If you don’t want your boyfriend, girlfriend, BFF, wife, husband, mother, father, grandmother, priest, doctor, local newspaper, national press, TMZ, Huffington Post, current employer, previous employer, future employer or any current or ex-friend to read it; don’t post it.

2. Anything you post is part of the public record and will be treated as such.

3. The best privacy protection for social media occurs between your brain and your keyboard.

4. Not everyone in social media can be trusted. Ask yourself: What if criminals read this information? Because they have and will continue to do so.

5. We don’t care what you ordered at Starbucks.

6. Just because you thought it doesn’t mean you should post it.

7. It’s great to wish someone a happy birthday, offer congratulations, condolences, support, love, respect and recognition. Otherwise, negative personal feelings might be better left to a private message.

8. Private messages can easily become public.

9. Don’t SPAM.

10.  If you did something great, let us know! If every day in your opinion you do something great, we will get tired of hearing it quickly.

11.  Adding attractive “friends” doesn’t suddenly make you a stud.

12.  There is a difference between networking, voyeurism and stalking. Know what it is and act accordingly.

13.  Keep in mind those party pictures you post could follow you for decades, even after you have removed them from your page.

14.  Deleting someone from Facebook doesn’t actually make them go away.

15.  Even “nom de posts” can lead back to the real person – with consequences.

16.  Never meet a Craig’s List purchaser in your home or their home.

17.  Links are great to share unless they always lead back to something you are selling or have written.

18.  Being opinionated is fine. Expecting no one to be offended is unrealistic.

19.  When talking about your job, customers, boss, fellow employees or the company who employs you, you are speaking as an employee.

20. Geo-location software is a criminal’s new blue light special. Don’t announce every time you leave your home.

21.  If you monitor your friend, fan or follower counts and brag on them, your ego is misplaced.

22. If you spend hours on your “farm” or in your “Mafia,” you might want to evaluate where you could otherwise use that time to improve your life.

23.  If you automate tweets, posts or responses, there is nothing social about your social media involvement, so stop it.

24. Nurture the social relationships that are most important to you.

25. Zuckerberg’s law: The less you want your social information to fall into the wrong hands, the more likely it will.

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