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Avoid the Whiplash Crash

What is it? A Whiplash Crash happens when leadership jumps around trying the latest fads in marketing, leadership or customer interaction. It is exhausting and numbing to everyone impacted by this. Anyone remember Foursquare, where a customer checked into the businesses she visited and the person who checked in the most was the mayor? This […]

What Relationships Are You Building?

  Most executives recognize the importance of customer relationships and they invest plenty of resources to maintain those. I think there is a step missing in this equation for success. Make time to invest in your staff. Lost in the focus of pleasing stockholders and customers are the people who make a business sustain success: […]

Can a Leader Really Motivate?

Motivation is a concept that has been recently come into question. Can a leader really motivate another person or is motivation an inside job? The good boss knows it’s actually a combination of the two. If a person has no internal drive, no matter what type of environment, this person is not going to fully engage. By the […]

Success has Many Owners, but Defeat is an Orphan

Success has many owners, but defeat is frequently an orphan. Thomas Edison took credit for hundreds of patents, and his research staff rarely were credited with their contributions. The good boss knows that success stories are rarely a one-person job. Stepping up to take the credit for a department’s accomplishment is not the best choice for a leader […]

Customer Loyalty Programs that Work

Customers today are the savviest we’ve ever dealt with. They comparison shop, not just for cheaper prices, but for quickest rewards, best service, and greatest value as well. So it makes perfect sense they would shop for customer loyalty programs that really work. In fact, a big debate is happening among retailers whether loyalty programs work or just provide […]