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Working With Someone Who Drives You Nuts

Working with someone who drives you nuts can range from the co-worker who is simply too loud to the one who has no control over their “personal habits” (Did he just hack up a hairball?) to the person who is an outright ogre to be around. Every one of these employees obviously make some contribution […]

3 Ways You Could Be the Bad Boss

In the last couple of weeks, I have witnessed bad boss behavior with incredible frequency. When businesses fail to properly train and develop management, they create a cascade of bad habits passed along to the next level down, and then the next level, and so on. Good management skills are not an innate skill; they […]

What’s the Point of Twitter?

Last Friday night over cards with friends I was asked, “What’s the point of Twitter?” Before I could respond, a guy waded into the conversation by saying, “There is no point. Who cares what I had for breakfast?” I realize so many people feel the same way, and they totally are missing the point and […]

S.T.A.R.T. Something: Innovation is key

Every business executive talks about innovation, the need for innovation, they have to innovate or die, and some say how great they are at innovation, but their innovations never reach the customer in time. Why is this the case? Because when innovation is expected because it’s the most important word in Buzzword Bingo, it fails […]