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Retaining Millennials

For most managers, this is proving to be a complicated generation of workers to understand and retain in the workplace. In fact, 68% of Millennials surveyed say the longest they will stay at the same employer is 3 years. Surprisingly, today the average U.S. worker spends just 15 months in one role in today’s working […]

3 Family Business Owner Pitfalls to Avoid

Most family-owned businesses are small businesses, and inherent in most family businesses are a unique set of challenges. Be careful to avoid these common pitfalls that can plague a family business owner. You can’t escape the stress of your job. The line between the family business and the family get blurred easily. Unplugging from the […]

What Relationships Are You Building?

  Most executives recognize the importance of customer relationships and they invest plenty of resources to maintain those. I think there is a step missing in this equation for success. Make time to invest in your staff. Lost in the focus of pleasing stockholders and customers are the people who make a business sustain success: […]

Who Needs a Business Plan? Everyone!

A business plan is not just for start-up businesses or those looking for a line of credit. The good boss knows every well-established business is constantly taking risks in this modern economy. Specifically, businesses on a daily basis are risking market share, finances, and their reputation in the community and industry. Social media has made […]