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4 Emotions Participants Want to Avoid in a Meeting

Meetings happen daily in the workplace. They can be productive, agonizing, creative, annoying, enlightening, dull, and never as efficient as they should be. As many different types of business meetings occur in the work week, there are that many number of different responses attendees have to those meetings. If employees aren’t engaged, as a leader you […]

Perception and Preparation Create Performance

Whether you are in sales, guiding employees or dealing with upset customers, perception and preparation will determine the outcome of the situation you are facing. Perception No matter how we try to deliver information, how it is received and perceived can have all the impact in the world. Recently, I watched an overwhelmed waitress take […]

3 Marketing Mistakes that Kill Small Businesses

Small business owners usually focus on one of three areas of the business: addressing employee issues that can create problems and reduce service effectiveness, enjoying the passion for the task of creating their products, and making sure cash flow is in good shape.  Marketing for the small business owner is frequently tossed together with what […]

7 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Build Personal Wealth

Making a pile of money and keeping a pile of money are two very different things. I’m frequently puzzled by professional athletes and executives who make very good wages yet still struggle with money troubles. There are no secrets, just solid habits for building personal wealth. Live within your means. My advice to my clients for […]

3 Components of Work Culture

Employees are moving on from companies because the employer’s work culture no longer fits their needs. I’m surprised when I ask small business owners about their work culture by how different their perspective is from that of their employees. As we see daily in the news, the evolution of culture of a workplace is changing rapidly […]

Retaining Millennials

For most managers, this is proving to be a complicated generation of workers to understand and retain in the workplace. In fact, 68% of Millennials surveyed say the longest they will stay at the same employer is 3 years. Surprisingly, today the average U.S. worker spends just 15 months in one role in today’s working […]