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The Age of Predictive Data

Quick data facts: 100 terabytes of data are uploaded to Facebook daily! Data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than in 2009. Walmart handles more than 1 million customer transactions every hour, which are imported into databases. Big data is a top business priority and drives enormous opportunities for business improvement. By using […]

5 Best Attributes of Entrepreneurs

Without a doubt, success as a business owner is challenging. How do the best accomplish what they do? Here some of the best tools for successful entrepreneurs. Try these five attributes to propel your business success: Without a doubt, success as a business owner is challenging. How do the best accomplish what they do? Here […]

Discipline Creates Commitment

  What exactly does discipline mean? Simply, it is the measure of ability to stay the course until achievement is reached. Interested in improving your discipline ability when facing challenges? Try these three steps: Step 1: Recognize this is a learned behavior Discipline is like any other learned task in that it requires practice and […]

Patience: The Underrated Leadership Skill

Now! Now! Now! I want it now!!! We are teaching a generation that instant gratification, instant results, and instant promotions are how business works. Even with the pace of information today, patience is still required to have sustained growth and developing success in an organization. Patience with people. We wish we had Matrix learning, where […]

Avoid the Drama Trauma Zone

Drama Trauma is an increasing epidemic in the workplace that is disrupting productivity, relationships, and your bottom line. Tell me if you’ve seen this in your workplace: An employee becomes emotional to the point of being non-productive and disruptive to those around them, a state usually triggered by a personal event, a “national crisis” the […]

Avoid the Whiplash Crash

What is it? A Whiplash Crash happens when leadership jumps around trying the latest fads in marketing, leadership or customer interaction. It is exhausting and numbing to everyone impacted by this. Anyone remember Foursquare, where a customer checked into the businesses she visited and the person who checked in the most was the mayor? This […]