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Are You Ready for Your Agile Advantage?

The world is becoming smaller and more interconnected, intelligent, and technology-driven, bringing challenges and opportunities alive to businesses and those who work in them. Customer demand for personalized services, mobile access, and open and ongoing communication will only grow. The speed with which the pace of business is accelerating requires rapid change and increased agility. […]

The OODA Loop of Agile Decision Making

  An important skill for an Agile Businesses is the ability to be decisive in indecisive times. Previously, managers made all important decisions because they were considered the most-informed, most capable of understanding all of the facts, and best trained for making decisions. This condition created laborious approval processes and delayed decisions. By the time […]

The Dangerous Devaluation in the New Economy (is What’s Killing Your Profits)

American businesses are trying to embrace any edge they can in this new economy yet in the process they are dangerously devaluing their organizations in their search for the edge over their competitors. Without a doubt consumers are smarter than they have ever been. They are better educated about options. Technology provides them with tools […]

An Agile Business is the New Stable Business

  Once upon a time the quality of your organization was significantly based on the stability of the institution and how long you had been in business. Many organizations, from restaurants to financial services, would boast about being in business for 50 years. The financial meltdown of 2008 taught us huge, long-respected organizations that had […]