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Success has Many Owners, but Defeat is an Orphan

Success has many owners, but defeat is frequently an orphan. Thomas Edison took credit for hundreds of patents, and his research staff rarely were credited with their contributions. The good boss knows that success stories are rarely a one-person job. Stepping up to take the credit for a department’s accomplishment is not the best choice for a leader […]

S.T.A.R.T. Something: Innovation is key

Every business executive talks about innovation, the need for innovation, they have to innovate or die, and some say how great they are at innovation, but their innovations never reach the customer in time. Why is this the case? Because when innovation is expected because it’s the most important word in Buzzword Bingo, it fails […]

10 Apps of Success Technology Won’t Replace

Technology is amazing how it can transform tasks and the flow of information. Without technology we wouldn’t be able to operate at the speed with which business moves today. Although technology has transformed our daily tasks, it has not replaced these critical components of success I’ve noticed lacking in the technological world. In fact, technology […]