Can a Leader Really Motivate?

By | May 28, 2015

Motivation is a concept that has been recently come into question. Can a leader really motivate another person or is motivation an inside job?

The good boss knows it’s actually a combination of the two. If a person has no internal drive, no matter what type of environment, this person is not going to fully engage. By the same token, the person who has a high internal drive for accomplishment can be completely shut down by a caustic work environment.

The good boss creates the opportunity and environment for motivation to occur within the individual. Those employees with the internal drive to achieve success thrive in the right work culture.

The motivated employee is looking for the opportunity to succeed. This means they appreciate the opportunity to have the accountability and responsibility to perform their job successfully.

The good boss offers proper training and development for the employee to experience success. To ask a person to perform tasks of which they are incapable not only causes failure, but erodes motivation to succeed while increasing the frustration in the job.

Motivated employees take great pride in mastering their responsibilities when they know they have a purpose and a role in the overall success of the organization. That is incumbent on the good boss to keep employees informed on their progress and their contribution while providing clarity on their purpose in achieving success for the organization.

How are you creating the right environment for a motivated employee to succeed?

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